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1969-72 Ford F-250 Rolling Chassis & Powertrain

Sale price$119,995.00


w/ Drivetrain

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This comprehensive VF3 chassis package sets the standard for Ford F-250 restorations, providing every necessary component to ensure your build meets and exceeds the highest performance and reliability expectations. It's the ultimate foundation for creating a standout vehicle, designed for enthusiasts who demand the best.

Velocity Exclusive Frame

  • Design: Custom engineered by Roadster Shop, specifically for Velocity, ideal for daily driving with off-road capabilities.

  • Construction: Premium 3” x 4” boxed carbon steel tubing, .120” thick, CNC laser cut to avoid structural weak points.

  • Features: Specially braced frame rails, a 10L80E transmission crossmember, and modifications to ensure optimal body fit, including front and rear sway bars.

Suspension & Steering

  • Setup: 4-link front suspension with a track bar and a triangulated 4-link rear suspension.

  • Dynamics: High-level adjustable trac bar and Panhard and steering link geometry designed for equal length and parallel alignment to optimize turning radius and steering precision.

  • Shocks: Fox adjustable coilover springs and steering stabilizer.

Fuel System

  • Tank: Custom 15-gallon Velocity exclusive aluminum tank with dual corner pickups and a full-height center baffle designed for extreme inclines and minimal fuel slosh.

  • Efficiency: GM-style fuel pump hat assembly, internally regulated at ~58psi, capable of supporting up to ~800 HP.

  • Construction: Fully installed stainless steel fuel line, powder-coated satin black.

Axle Assembly

New Dana 44” Front Axle Housing and Assembly

  • 4.56:1 US Gear ring and pinion

  • 4340 30 Spline chromoly axels

  • Warn premium locking hubs

  • Wilwood 6-piston big brake kit with 12” rotors

  • Wilwood stainless steel braided flex brake lines

  • 6 x 5.5” lug pattern

New Dana 60” Rear Axle Housing and Assembly

  • 4.56:1 US Gear ring and pinion

  • Helical Gear Positraction

  • 4340 35 Spline Chromoly Axles

  • Wilwood 4-piston big brake kit with 12” rotors

  • Wilwood stainless steel braided flex brake lines

  • 6 x 5.5” lug pattern


  • Engine: Ford Performance Gen III Coyote Crate Engine, 460 HP, 420 TQ.

  • Transmission: Ford 10R80W 10-speed automatic with a Ford PCM controller.

  • Transfer Case: Atlas 2 with twin stick cable shift, 3:1 low range.

  • Driveshafts: Panhandle Driveline 2”, with 1310 front and 1350 rear u-joints.

Exhaust System

  • Mig Welded Exhaust.

Additional Features

  • Cooling: Triple pass radiator with a Spal brushless fan.

  • Steering: Ididit column with complete lower shaft and joints.

  • Braking: Hydroboost system with Wilwood master cylinder and lines.

  • Accessory Drive: Velocity 6-rib serpentine system, including power steering pump, 175 AMP alternator, and A/C compressor.

  • Ships on Guniwheels
1969-72 Ford F-250 Rolling Chassis & Powertrain
1969-72 Ford F-250 Rolling Chassis & Powertrain Sale price$119,995.00

Classic Ford F-250 Chassis Packages

Highlights & Benefits

Just add the body

This chassis comes equipped with all essential components, only requiring your selected body to complete an exceptional automotive build.

Ford Coyote V8 Engine:

At the heart of the VF3 chassis lies a dynamic Ford Coyote V8 engine, providing robust power for any terrain.

90-day lead times

We prioritize efficiency with a guaranteed 90-day lead time from order to delivery, streamlining your restoration process.

The complete package for your F-250

Uncompromising performance in true Velocity style, for the serious F-Series builder.

Ford F-250 Chassis Package

Precision Delivery with Care

Whether you're ordering a standalone chassis or one with powertrain options, we ensure your order arrives fully assembled and ready for integration. Each additional part is carefully placed on a pallet for the chassis, accompanied by powertrain components—such as the radiator, control pack, and steering column. This assembly is then securely strapped to the rear of the chassis, ensuring that the entire unit travels as one cohesive package. We utilize automotive transport to maintain stability and integrity from our door to yours.

Ford F-250 Chassis Package

Expert Support for Your Chassis Installation

We recommend using a lift to facilitate the process, as it may involve minor sheet metal modifications tailored to your specific vehicle. Our chassis are designed for a robust fit, but our dedicated support team is just a call away if you encounter any challenges.

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